Do hospitals have to pay to use RECOVER?
RECOVER is a hospital record system that performs multiple functions, including hospital and patient management. While it is based on Internet technology, which means it can be deployed relatively cheaply, it still costs money to do so. It also requires client support and software maintenance. We strive to provide this advanced technology at a reasonable price, but the rescue hospital will still incur a small cost (i.e., maintenance fees) when using Recover for day-to-day purposes. We will work with each hospital to deploy Recover in the most cost-effective manner. If you have more questions about pricing or deployment, please contact us at info@totalvet.net.

Do you need any specific training to join RECOVER?
You do not need any specific training to join Recover as a volunteer. If a disaster occurs and rescue centers require your help, we will link you up with the closest center and any training necessary will be handled by the center.

Are there any existing systems that work like RECOVER?
Currently there is no system out there that matches the capabilities or provides integration like RECOVER. Most rescue efforts are still paper based, and most hospitals have their own system.

Who helps fund RECOVER?
Monetary support comes from multiple benefactors and partners (see the Sponsors page). It is also supported by maintenance fees that are collected when we deploy to a new hospital. This platform is designed for widespread use, so any money RECOVER receives will be used to improve RECOVER and diffuse the costs.

Can I donate to RECOVER?
RECOVER currently is not accepting monetary donations; however, we are looking for people to help deploy, test, and provide maintenance. We encourage you to consider giving to organizations that are part of RECOVER. These organizations use RECOVER for their technological needs, but they also directly care for the animals.

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