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The Concept

The idea for the Relief and Emergency Computerized Veterinary Medical Record (RECOVER) System was originally developed in 2009 from a conversation between myself, Jonathan Lustgarten, and Dr. Erica Miller from Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research. It was during these discussions that I was able to develop the idea of combining advanced computing, electronic medical records and wildlife rescue. I spent the next two years researching challenges faced by rescue centers and hospitals during a rescue event. I examined current medical records to determine which information was the most useful at various stages during the rescue process, as well as how these medical records are utilized or could be utilized to optimize care. I also studied how different groups (e.g., rescuers, transporters, medical professionals, volunteers) interacted and communicated during the process of rescuing animals. It was during these two years that Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, along with multiple other organizations, was called upon to respond to one of the worst oil disasters in the history of the United States – the disastrous BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The experience Dr. Miller brought back and detailed was what ultimately made the decision to begin this project easy. Thus RECOVER was born.

First Steps

Although the idea of RECOVER was solidified, it still required financial support and input from other experts in the field. Luckily, as a student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, I was eligible for an additional program. This one of a kind award, the largest in the world for veterinary medicine, is called the Student Inspiration Award. The award provides $100,000 to a Penn Vet student who has an idea that extends the boundaries and application of veterinary medicine. After collaborating with my supporters and my advisor, Dr. David Galligan, my RECOVER project was selected by the Inspiration Award Committee and given the award in September 2011. Thus, not only did I have the funds to pursue the project, but also the input of faculty and students at Penn Vet.


After winning the Inspiration Award, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the AquaVet Program (click here to learn more), which was incredibly useful in understanding more about exotic and aquatic medicine. By the end of July 2011, I had begun work on the accompanying Android application for RECOVER. Although I initially wanted to begin with a central web site, I realized the value of starting with a mobile device to find out exactly how it might impact the application of wildlife medicine. I also chose to start with Android because it was free to develop and I was able to work on it using a PC. Over the next few months, I developed the application and had the help of the fantastic beta-testers to help debug it. I also implemented this website to spread the word about Recover. This project is growing and expanding every day. If you are interested in helping beta-test, please e-mail me at: info@totalvet.net.

Latest News


Hello!  Over the next few weeks there will be a new addition to the site, specifically the internal for animal rescue.  Please let me know at info@totalvet.net, if you wish to participate in this! Thanks! Jonathan Lustgarten

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